Friday, April 11, 2014

Stop the Gripe Train. I Wanna Get Off.

Yeah.  Testing sucks.  We get that.  Everyone gets it.

How about we take a day and focus on stuff that's positive in education?  We take so much grief from so many people about so much junk....OCC, A-F, TLE, NCLB.  It's like an alphabet soup from hell.

So I was thinking....We have Throwback Thursday on Facebook.  Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco has Positive Hardcore Thursday.  I see t-shirts that proclaim "On Wednesday, We Wear Black."  Don't know why.  Don't care why.

Why can't we have one day where we all Tweet and Facebook and Linked In and Blog (and whatever other kind of interweb weirdness you use) all of our celebrations.  Instead of wallowing in the stew of negativity and mutual disillusionment, why don't we uplift each other with shiny and sparkly.  Monday, let's come in and sing and dance and blow sunshine up everyone's skirts!! 
Remember "Rock This Town"?  Let's sing "Rock This Test"

I'm gonna pop this my #2 pencils in my pocket...Uh uh I'm struttin, looking for an A+, This is freaking awesome!!
Monday, just brace yourselves.  I'm going to tweet everything awesome things my kids do, every positive thing I hear in the teacher's lounge, and every little victory.  I'm thinking #positiveteaching should be a good hashtag.
Join me if you wish...or just stand back and enjoy my thrashing about.  Either way....the bad stuff will still be there on Tuesday for us to wail about.  Unfortunately.

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